Our story

The chocolate mousse story began by a creation of Charles Farzi, the Swiss cook of the French King Louis XVI around 1755.

Our chocolate mousses are inspired by his recipes which have been modernized by our chef who specialized in chocolate recipes for more than 20 years.

At Mousse au chocolat, to satisfy your taste buds, we create your own dessert with a combination of different flavored of chocolate mousses and toppings including fruit coulis, biscuits, nuts and fruits.

Our chocolate mousses are daily freshly prepared with the best ingredients found on the market. The chocolates are carefully selected from different regions of the world, the fruit coulis are selected from the finest fruits and the biscuits are freshly made in our kitchen.

Now, please indulge yourself into the noble bitterness of the dark chocolate mousse, the silky sweetness of the milk chocolate or the pure delicacy of the white chocolate mousse.

Mousses and Toppings

Mousse Desserts

  • Chocolate Spheres

    Ivory mousse, milk chocolate sauce, hazelnut cookies and a touch of gold

  • Rose and Berries Mousse

    Ivory mousse, fresh berries, raspberry sauce, whipped cream and meringue

  • Colorful Sprinkles Mousse

    Caramelia mousse, varamel sauce and colorful sprinkles

Mousse with 3 toppings

  • Dark Dune

    traditional dark chocolate

  • Dulcey Delight

    traditional Dulcey chocolate

  • Orange orbit

    creation milk chocolate

  • Raspberry road

    creation milk chocolate

  • Saffron sunset

    creation Ivory chocolate

  • Caramelia Cruise

    traditional milk chocolate

  • Black bouquet

    creation dark chocolate

  • Cappuccino crunchy

    creation milk chocolate

  • Rose romance

    creation Ivory chocolate

  • Tahini treasure

    creation milk chocolate

  • Ivory Island

    traditional Ivory chocolate

  • Karak kingdom

    creation milk chocolate

  • Hazelnut horizon

    creation milk chocolate

  • Lemon legend

    traditional Ivory chocolate

Cold toppings

  • Raspberry sauce

  • Blueberry sauce

  • Passion fruit sauce

  • Mango sauce

  • Blackberry sauce

  • Fresh blueberries

  • Fresh raspberries

  • Fresh blackberries

Room temperature toppings

  • Hazelnut cookies

  • Almond cookies

  • Cocoa cookies

  • Cinnamon cookies

  • Ivory pearls

  • Dulcey pearls

  • Milk chocolate pearls

  • Ivory sauce

  • Dulcey sauce

  • Milk chocolate sauce

  • Dark chocolate sauce

  • Caramel sauce

  • Honeycomb

  • Crispy crepes

  • Colorful sprinkles

  • Mini meringues

  • Pistachio nuts

  • Whipped cream

  • Hazelnuts

  • Almond nuts

Breakfast and Desserts


  • Scrambled eggs with toasted bread

    extra tomato, mushrooms, herbs, red pepper or turkey ham

  • Scrambled eggs with salmon and toasted bread

  • Shakshuka with pita bread

    with tomato, parsley & spices

  • Omelette or white omelette with toasted bread

    extra tomato, mushroom, herbs, red pepper, turkey ham or cheese

  • Savory normandy souffle omelette

  • Sweet normandy souffle omelette

  • Eggs benedict

  • Eggs florentine

  • Eggs royale

  • Croque Monsieur

  • Croque madame

  • Avocado toast with eggs, tomatoes and toasted seeds

  • Fried eggs with toasted bread

  • Boiled eggs served with soldiers

  • French toast

    fresh berries, maple syrup and whipped cream

Pancakes & waffles

  • Dulcey pancakes

    dulcey sauce and whipped cream

  • Rose and berries pancakes

    fresh berries, rose mousse, raspberry sauce and whipped cream

  • Banana and hazelnut pancakes

    fresh bananas and hazelnut cream

  • Waffles with berries

    berries and whipped cream

  • Chocolate and hazelnut waffles

    chocolate cream and hazelnut cream


  • Selection of pastries

    plain croissant, rose croissant, zaatar croissant, cheese croissant, pain au chocolat

  • Multigrain toast, sliced Brioche or baguette

    served with butter and jam

  • Basket of breads

    served with butter and jam

Healthy options

  • Mixed berries salad

  • Greek yoghurt with honey and nuts

  • Porridge with mixed seeds and banana or blueberry


Opening hours

  • Every day

    8:00 am to Midnight


  • Mousse au Chocolat

    CityWalk Residential
    PO Box: 414346
    Dubai, UAE

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